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Diploma Sweden Rules

Diploma Sweden Record Book in PDF (Acrobat) format

Listing of parish changes

In 1978 NSA introduced the popular award "Diplom Sverige" with
the aim of contacting as many Swedish parishes as possible.
These parishes have a tradition since Sweden's medieval period.
For the basic award you only need to work 100 from a total of over
2200 parishes. We also have a ready made Record-Book which you can
order from NSA.
Please use the link to left to read the rules.
Diploma Manager is Evert, SM5BDY
N.B! Diploma Swden is discontinued!
Contacts made after 2005-12-31 do not count as new parishes, but new applications for awards and upgrades are still welcome for contacts made before 2006-01-01.

If you want a complete Record Book, you need Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed, the you can download it for free here .